2017 Seeding, other going ons and Summer Market Updates

Instead of another descriptive blog about seed starting, I thought we do a more visual one to show you current pictures from the germination room.


There is lots of stuff going on at the farm. Even though it is cold now, we have been lucky enough to have some warm days.  We are in and out of the maple sugar shack and cleaning the greenhouse to prepare for all the new plants that are about to be transplanted and moved out to their new home.  During those warmer days, the chickens have been going bonkers .

Summer Markets

Cazenovia Farmers Market here we come. So soon soon. Its finally a joint time of 10-2  on Saturdays. We are super excited it is right aroud the corner.

We are hoping our loyal customers are not too saddened by the news that we will no longer be at the Fayettville summer Market. We were not accepted into the market this year and thus we have decided to use it to our favor  to boost our CSA and the expansion of the U-PICK flowers.

Lastly, we are playing around to see if we might go elsewhere. Check on the right side of our page a little later to see if there are any updates. at the where to find us

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