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If you have talked to us about our farm’s CSA options, you will find out we went in with our heels dragging. When we first started farming, it seemed to be too much commitment and too much risk. Yes, in the beginning, we were the unsure participant getting hauled to the altar. Then something miraculous happened (ok, well maybe not totally miraculous but a lot of self-education, hard work and tireless toil happened). We started one, well, several different CSA enterprises on our farm, and they all worked out quite nicely. Wow!!!!

We still get asked the question. What is a CSA? I think it gets to be confusing because there are a lot of farms with different descriptions for their CSAs. In general, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a model by which the consumer receives weekly or biweekly goods (shares) that are paid for upfront, for a desired amount of time, which helps support local growers with capital during the most important time of the year (seed starting and planting season). Most common is a vegetable CSA and in that case it would be a weekly box of assorted fresh picked seasonal vegetables . However, at Dizzy Lizzie’s, we offer more than one CSA option. We have vegetable (small and large) shares, a cut flower share, a pre-order plant (garden seedlings) share, and fresh egg share.

The number of CSA shares we sign on remains small. We do this for several reasons. First, we love getting to know our members. It is our goal that every member feel like they are part of the Dizzy Lizzie Farm team. We do not require or request any CSA member work on the farm, however, we are always obliging if someone volunteers some elbow grease or wants to learn about a particular part of the organic farming process. We have in the past, when certain crops are prolific, allowed members to u-pick as part of their CSA. It is not a definite – but highly likely each season that we’ll have an abundance of some popular variety that folks love to pick on their own. The farm does offer u-pick raspberries (and maybe the blueberries will finally be productive enough this year) and flowers (not included in the cost of our CSA shares). The other reason we remain small is for the farm manager (our young daughter). As she grows, so may we.

Before we get down to the nitty gritty of each of our lovely options, I wanted to focus on why I really was so hesitant. A drought had hit several years before we started our CSA, leaving many CSAs unprepared and unable to provide customers their pre-paid items. I never wanted to be in that mess. So me being who I am, I put my problem solving ability to the test. My solution was unlike a lot of farmers, I will not use the money until each member has received their box. Thus, if for any forsaken reason there are any catastrophic problems your money can and will be returned.
The VEGETABLE SHARE is a 16-week season of fresh NOFA-NY Certified Organic vegetables fruit and herbs. Members receive their vegetables once a week from late-June through early-October. We chose 16 weeks to allow flexibility to work with peoples’ schedules and travel plans. We also allow customers to buy in a week earlier or a week later, if they want a 18 week option.

Our large size will suit a family of 4, or 1-2 veggie enthusiasts with each box containing anywhere between 8-15 different veggies. Our small size option will be half the size of our large shares. Small shares will feed a family of 2 or make 1 very hungry veggie eater.
What veggies will you receive? Every year is different. Last year both our shares saw large quantities of peppers and summer squash. Year before we had an abundance of tomatoes and large members received for over a month a quart of large tomatoes and a pint of cherries each week. Each season is different for us. The only things we do guarantee are once the potatoes are in you will receive at least a pound each week in the small and two pounds in the large and as for garlic once its ready expect a head each week.
Small Shares cost $350.00 and Large Shares cost $510.00.
A little extra note: we work closely with Fruit of the Fungi and thus have been able to offer a mushroom add on option.
The FLOWER POWER CSA is my favorite option and one that is my labor of love. We are now only offering a 15 week bouquet style flower CSA Everything is grown on the farm and we estimate about 95% of all the flowers we grow our certified organic. Unlike the vegetable CSA, it is not 15 weeks straight. WE start with tulips and daffodils and then we move onto peonies from their it is anyone’s guess. It is a wonderful present for a loved one who loves flowers. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and don’t forget Anniversary Present’s. It costs $265 including all taxes.
PRE ORDER CERTIFIED ORGANIC PLANTS: This is the perfect opportunity for those that like to do their own garden. WE do not have our list out yet. Our goal is to have it up and ready by next week.
The CERTIFIED ORGANIC EGG CSA is a 13 consecutive week CSA option for $66.00 over .15 cents off per dozen. The CSA guarantees you one dozen farm raised certified organic egg each week.
The POTATO CSA may be in its last year. This is for people who don’t want our full CSA but love our specialty potatoes. You will receive a pound of fingerling potatoes for 26 weeks from July to December. $65.00
The GARLIC MEDLEY CLUB is one of our club options. This is the perfect gift for garlic lovers for yourself or others. What is it exactly? Each month for 6 months, a ½ pound of a different variety of garlic can either show up at your door (additional cost) or be picked up at any of the markets we attend. $46.00
I have worked hard to find options that I feel truly meet the needs of our customers. We hope that you will think about joining us in one form or another for the 2017 CSA season.
Always feel free to contact us with any questions or check out our website for more information.

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