Certified Organic Egg CSA and Loyalty Club


Our customers love our eggs. Not only our they fresh, farm raised but they are also Certified Organic, at our farm that is key. We know our chickens are not being fed any growth hormones or GMO corn. Thus, we know that we

Certified Organic Egg CSA:  This is option is available year round. Each session runs for 13 consecutive weeks. In the off season, we work with our customers to get them their eggs. $66.00 ($0.18 off per dozen)

Certified Organic Egg Loyalty Club: Pay ahead for ten dozen and get $.10 off per dozen. Unlike our CSA, you do not have to pick up on a consecutive basis and you can pick up as many as you want each week. We give you a punch card that you bring with you as a form of payment. $51.50