It’s Time To Talk Peppers!!!

For those of you who purchased transplants or even vegetables from us last year, you might have been told the story of how a sweet little mouse or mice decided to enjoy a variety of my pepper seedlings. I calculated that the bugger or buggers took out over 75% of my pepper transplants. Pretty unbelievable when you consider the number of plants we still managed to have and the number of peppers that still came to market with us.

This year fueled with the anxiety that we might have mouse issues again, I went bonkers on peppers.

I’ll start with what is out. We decided that we no longer wanted to grow several varieties of peppers. Purple Beauty, Carmen, Golden Treasure, King of the North, and Chocolate are a few which we decided to forego due to reasons such as disease, length till maturity, and production. And thus, in return, we brought in some new varieties.

From the top of my head these are the list you can expect to find at our next market.

Sweet Pepper:

Healthy, Macroni Red, Ausilio Thin Skin, Sweet Pimento, Feher Ozon Paprika, Alma Paprika, HMS Orange Picnic Pepper, HMS Red Picnic Pepper, HMs Yellow Picnic Pepper, Havasu, Goddess ( a banana pepper),  Bull nose, Gilboa Sweet Pepper, Golden California Wonder, and California Wonder


Hot Peppers (some sworn to put hair on your chest whether you want it or not):

Ancho Gigantea, Jalapeno, Matchbox, Helios, Habenero, Hungarian Hot Wax, Hinkelhatz hot pepper, Jaluv an Altitude, Numex Joe E. Parker Anaheim, Cubanelle, and Krimzon Lee.


Which variety are we most excited about?

I cant even begin to say. Alma Paprika because they are these cute looking little cherry peppers. Jaluv an attitude, a jalapeno pepper that has been crossed with another pepper. Looking forward to trying out a Jalapeno popper recipe with these and compare them with the real Jalapenos. Okay and all those fun ones the Anaheim, the Cubanelle, Goddess and Ancho. All specialty peppers that are associated with different cultures cuisines. My mouth is watering thinking of all the dishes we can make with them

Does this list contain all the peppers we are offering or even growing?

Absolutely not.. I have a few peppers I have in limited quantity which are my favorites and I am only offering from the greenhouse. I am also sure I forgot a few as I am trying to make this list from memory.

Do we have any Ghost peppers?

No not yet. I tried this year but the company I order from was out.

Are they Organic?

Yes. Yes. And Yes.  Certified Organic.


If you want an exciting pepper garden come see us this  weekend, either at the Cazenovia Farmers Market on Sat 9-2 or at the greenhouse Sat hours are 3-6 and Sunday 10-6

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