Certified Organic Eggs

Why Buy Dizzy Lizzie’s eggs???

Pretty simple, we have the best eggs. However, the most important reason may be, our eggs are Certified Organic. All of our chickens have been fed only organic feed/grass/scraps from first day of life.  We have to follow strict guidelines to keep them organic. They have access to the outdoors everyday of the year (it’s their choice whether or not they choose to venture outside).  We do not have any cages; they are free to roam inside the coop and the fence. They are rotationally grazed.  We do not allow them free access to every area on the farm but we move them to a new area once or twice a week once they have mowed our lawn down enough around their coop. We give them fresh water daily and frequently clean their coops. All in all I think our chickens are pretty happy. Well except when Elma, the farm pup decides to chase them from the outside of their fence.  The current flock happens to be one of my favorite flocks we have had so far. They are extremely docile and actually let you pet them if you are so inclined.

We understand our eggs seem like they cost a lot. We are now at $5.25 unless you sign up for our Egg CSA or Club Option.  Organic feed is extremely expensive. Ours does not come from China but a local NY supplier.

Find us selling our Certified Organic chicken eggs at the Cazenovia Winter and Summer Farmers Market, Fayetteville  Farmers Market, Cazenovia Cutblock,  out of our farm store and, assuming they aren’t all scooped up straightaway at the markets, delivered locally to your home.