Maple Syrup


There are four grades to choose from.  We generally only offer the top three grades to the public: Delicate, Medium Amber,  and Dark color robust taste.  The fourth grade, Very Dark Strong Taste is our darkest but definitely only available on request.  However, this year we only have Dark Color rubust available.

check out this maple poster for descriptions on each grade: MaplePosterPermanent


If you would like to order, please contact us by using our contact page, email, or give us a call. Please see below our maple prices for plastic containers. Looking for a more original look, as originally intended, we will be finally offering some glass containers.

HALF-GALLON         $35.00 (SOLD OUT)

QUART              $20.00

PINT                  $12.00

8 oz                $ 8.00

 And dont forget we ship anywhere in the United States!!!