I allotted myself an hour to write a blog and  get it posted with pictures and all. The Farm Manager and Tractor Man are having a day off the farm fishing. In the past few days, it finally feels as if we might be almost to the point of catching up and posting blogs is one item on my catch up list.

I am also on a high because I have just finished planting, what we hope will soon become an addition to our u-pick crops, four hundred strawberry plants. Somehow with Tractor man’s help, they have the look of being really professionally done. Not a common occurrence on the farm if you ask me.  Even though they still await some mulch and drip tape, the raised beds remind me of the big AG strawberry patches I would see  when I would visit Oxnard, CA to pick up strawberries for my virgin strawberry daiquiris on my way to my favorite Mexican Restaurant.  Thus an overwhelming since of accomplishment.DSC_0455

There is also a very huge since of accomplishment when planting something your daughter is excited about. Yesterday she was overjoyed to put in a few more blackberry bushes in the field with her dad. She came into the house announcing that blackberries were her favorite fruit. When she saw me planting strawberries that same evening, she naturally wanted to help. It makes a mom glow and feel like I must have done something right.

As always, I am hopeful we will have a good fruit season not just for my kid but for the community at large . Raspberries have been producing for several years. We are still waiting on blueberries and rhubarb.  Hopefully, they both make an entrance on to the scene.

Another of one of those major catch up items, other than this blog, has been mulching garlic. Sadly, after being exhausted from planting over a 1000 pounds of garlic, we thought it would be easier to hire someone to come out with straw and a  straw thrower (I think it has another official name) to cover our fields last fall. The guy hired managed to bring straw and bale spear which has cluttered my fields all winter but he never managed to get out to cover my beds. Uggh!!! Frustrating.

1      DSC_0450

By the time, we figured out he was a no show, there was no time to cover the fields.  My hope is that there will be no detrimental consequences to not having my fields covered during the winter. It is a big debate between tractor man and myself. As I feel leaving the garlic exposed to the elements is not in the best interest of the garlic. Tractor Man just tells me it will be fine.

So why are we covering now? Weed Protection. Our hope is always to block out as many weeds as possible and make sure the garlic is not in competition with any other plants. Garlic is a very important crop around here with over 10 varieties and  1000’s of heads in the ground.


The only other thing to talk about is the new mulch layer we are in wait for. It is one of those things we didn’t get ordered until too late and should be arriving any day. In fact, I just heard it is due here tomorrow. Our hope is that it will prevent the mulch from blowing away and killing plants in the process. For some reason, when we lay it by hand, it takes too long and never stays put in the wind. Lots of mulch kites that we swear our neighbors will get mad at us for one day. Thus we have been holding off transplanting anything outside. Our onions are ready to hit the fields along with lots of other plants. If the weather allows, maybe this weekend.

If you are wondering at the end of this did I finish it in my allotted hour. The answer unfortunately is no. For some reason, internet did not want to upload my pictures timely so it was a struggle. I did get it done before the troupes arrived back home along with lots of other work. Enjoy this beautiful day.


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